Social Media Automation Service

Social media dashboard. Analyse and replicate social media success. Monitor for compliance. Huge stock library of brand-conscious social media content.

Just a few benefits of our service

Social Media Superstars

Your social media management dashboard quickly transforms customers to social media superstars (including novices).

Amplified marketing

Your dashboard broadens visibility and effectiveness of any marketing message by tracking and amplifying social success.

Social Success

Social training increases social media success, which is reflected directly in increased revenue and growth for the customer.

Suggested Content

Optionally, work with our content team to create an endless supply of social media posts for your users that WORK for your brand.

Generate targeted leads

Introduce new customers and amplify your marketing messages. Our analytics will find the most effective social media recipe for your brand.

An awesome social management dashboard…

You will have an awesome social media management platform, that will make your social media superstars. You get tons of benefits.

Users can schedule social posts for any time in the future, access a library of pre-prepared social content (depending on your use) and create stunning visual posts with over 60 templates (including branded templates if required) and over 1 MILLION stock photographs. There’s also Hashtag Research, Content Research and much, much more to supercharge their use of social media. Highly configurable. Contact us today to find out what we could achieve for you…

Answers to Your Questions

How much does it cost?

The application is free to use. You will have access to a free automation social media app. If you want more feature you can upgrade to $30/month.

Will I be charged at the end of my free trial?

You will have 7 days free trial to try the Pro version. After your trial is up, you will be downgraded to free membership which cost you nothing. If you want to upgrade, you can upgrade to pro version for $30/month

Do you offer social content writing service

Yes, we do offer. Before we start a content writing service, we will require you to fill up 100% your business profile in your account settings. We will need this information to know what content to use on your social media

What social media websites I can connect with?

You can connect Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest,Google+(Instagram,Whatsapp,Snapchat via Telegram).

I have two social business, do I need to pro accounts??

If you are just looking for a PRO dashboard, you could, in theory, have one account for your 2 business as you would create posts and choose which social accounts to post to. However, the statistics would not be separate for each business and so if you are keen on using the stats section of the dashboard, it would probably be best to have 2 different PRO dashboards.

If you are ordering content services for both businesses, you would need 2 different accounts.

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